I heard about the possibility to use RemoteApps from Azure on the MS RDS blog. As we have a customer who has 4000 users who uses exclusively RemoteApps, this could be very interesting if the price is right. So i decided i would give it a go.

I followed the instructions from the blog and tried to login with my MS live account and got this;

I’m new at Azure as I’m a IT Pro and not a developer, but this concerns me a bit: errors at logon and on my first hands-on experience of Azure. I use IEtab in Firefox and not everything works 100%. So I decided to try IE instead;

Hmm, not good for my confidence. I use Win8.1.1 (the latest, always patch and use the latest IE, although without blindly accepting cookies). I allowed the site to store cookies and added the site to my secure zone (in Internet Options), lowered the security of the secure zone (as i only add sites i trust) and i could proceed. Still, i would expect these issues can be avoided?

The preview consists of standard apps like MS Office and it provides a new RDS/RDP client;

Looks familiar anyone? It did to me;

Courtesy of a digipulse.nl blog that has the title Program Neighborhood RIP.. :mrgreen:

Also interesting is the shell version, as i run Win8.1.1, MS publicly latest OS which has a much lower shell version;

There isn’t much more here, it’s just remoteapps as we have known them for the last 15 years. I started one of the apps and after closing them i got this screen;