Do you want to work in a great company with great people where you can make your own succes by helping to creating a new privacy oriented service based on open source? Come join us!

What do we expect from you?

We expect you to design, implement and manage a kubernetes environment with 2 other engineers in your team. The offered service needs to be scaled in terms of computing, storage into the Petabytes, in multiple datacenters, 1.000-100.000’s of users. It needs to be on our own hardware (because of privacy reasons). We already started based on Ubuntu, Docker, Ansible, Python, Gitlabs, Jinju and NFS storage, but we expect you to decide on the best solution. Should we use NFS, Ceph or Openstack for our storage? Should we use Ubuntu, CoreOS or RancherOS as hosts? Should we use VMs or bare metal? All questions you should decide on with your team. You will also be responsible to ensure your teammates have the right knowledge to manage the environment. It doesn’t stop there. After building the environment, Monitoring, alerting, operating efficiency and choosing the right devops tools will be part of your job too. Basicly, you will be choosing the technology for the service we as a company want to offer and then build it with your team. An exciting job at a fun company in the Netherlands where you can be yourself.

What will we be offering?

A really cool challenge to show what you are made of! Ofcourse we will be offering a salary which will match your knowledge and experience, all other benefits are negotiable. Our hours are flexible although meeting face to face at least once a week with the whole team is required.

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