I already shared my own Nextcloud Scalability session from the Nextcloud conference, but Joost managed to edit the other sessions on Friday (the enterprise track).


Not all the sessions were with a personal microphone and the background noise in the room was very noisy, so the quality leaves something to be desired for the session of Lukas, Frank (the roadmap session) and Bjorn. It seems a waste not to post it, so I think we just have to promise we’ll do better next time and focus on the content.

I can recommend the session from Oli for MySQL scalability, he has some real insights in MySQL, this is interesting even if you don’t have (or will have) Nextcloud.

Have fun watching!

It seems the video player has some trouble with the size of the last two sessions, so you need to let it buffer fully before the video starts. If you don’t want to wait, just click the individual links below.

Nextcloud Roadmap – Frank Karlitschek
Security Architecture – Lukas Reschke
Cloud Federation – Bjorn Schiessle
MySQL Database Scalability – Oli Sennhauser
Proof of concept & support process – Morris Jobke and Olivier Paroz
User Management in Nextcloud – Arthur Schiwon
Nextcloud Scalability with a concept design for 10.000 users – Dennis Pennings
Nextcloud Scalability with a concept design for 10.000 users, Q&A by Frank Karlitschek

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