So I mentioned I talked about Nextcloud scalability at the Nextcloud conference.

The guys from Nextcloud were extremely busy and they had decided not to do recording for the Friday sessions. I offered to help to record the sessions, by asking this guy to record the session (on a low budget). He did a very good job considering the quality of the systems he had to work with, but sadly the sound of the room was very bad (and had open windows because of the heat that day) and we had no mic’s for the audience. The video’s that Nextcloud recorded themselves were from Saturday were on a much better location and are from the right quality. I forgot to repeat the questions, so it’s very hard to hear them, sorry about that. I think at the next conference it will be better. The editing guy said there might be some way to get the sound from the audience better, but he’s not sure and it might take some time. So in the meantime, let’s just publish this so it’s out there.

Also checkout the Q&A with Frank, it prompted many discussions:


If you don’t want to use youtube, just click the individual link below.

My scalability session

Q&A with Frank

Also in the session I promised I would share the sheet with the data collected from cs3, so here’s the sheet: 20161103-comparison-large-oc-installs-public. It hasn’t been updated , because I’ve been very busy with other stuff with my company (we’re hiring by the way) so I have a lot of work done to present at the 30th at CS3.

Joost is still fixing the other sessions that were on Saturday, so when they are available, I will post them too.


Update 18 nov 2016: The rest of the sessions are online! Check them out here:

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