I have a 11″ alienware laptop which i use for work. It’s a bit bulky but it has the power i need to run VM’s and more importantly, the power to handle Outlook..  😕

The 11′ form factor gives me a lot of mobility advantages, especialy the battery power is awsome. But on days i have to do a lot of server management, the 11″ with 1366×768 screen resolution is too small to do proper server management. I have to say that some of the new server management tools are to blame as a lot of those tools contain more and more unnecessary whitespace and do not fit into my screen anymore. One example is the Hyperv VM settings screen. I am able to work around most of it, although it requires a lot of extra mousemeters and clicks. Because of these issues I use a 22″ monitor on the office and in my study at home.

I also hibernate my 11″ a lot because of the lots and lots of logons I have to do to get work done, but moslty I like the fact that i can resume my remoteapps at home after leaving work. But I had some trouble with open RemoteApps while attaching a monitor with RemoteApps open. The RemoteApps didn’t scale with the higher resolution after i attached the 22″ monitor. The remoteapps thought I was still on 1366×768 instead of 1900×1080, so I could drag the window, but the menu options were on a different place on the screen then where i saw them. I had to logoff the session of the RDSH server and create a new sesion to get it fixed. I wish i had taken some screenshots, because it looked quite silly.

Luckily with the RDP8 client for Windows 7, this was fixed. I had to install 2 updates on my laptop and our RDSH servers (Win08R2SP1) to get the RDP8 capabilities and to fix the RemoteApp rescale issue. You can read the details in the technet forum post; http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/winserverTS/thread/6aabf333-dacf-4cdc-bfd9-5fc97dd7249d

Update 1: It seems it was fixed in the RDP8 client for Windows 7, but has reappeared when i upgraded to Windows 8. Maybe 8.1 will fix this? 😉

Update 2: and here is the video;

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