so i wanted to make a shortcut preference group policy. Nothing fancy, just a shortcut to the user’s desktop of an application. So on the RDSH I created a shortcut from the application:

I copied the shortcut to the Domain controller, so i could copy/paste all the settings in the gpo. I tested it and nothing appeared on the user desktop.

I ran group policy results in the gpmc.msc and it told me there was an error

I googled it and the usual things could be wrong, like there is no program to make the shortcut to. I can understand that if Adobe reader is not installed, it can’t create the shortcut. But i know the application is there because i created the shortcut _from_ that application on the server.

After a while i found this on the shortcut properties on the domain controller;

Whaaat? how can that be? So i created the shortcut again on the RDSH server and copied it to the Domain controller, and it happened again!

So i checked if there was a C:\Program Files (x86)\ on the domain controller and there wasn’t, because its a 32 bit server. So Windows deciced to “fix” the target path. Which does totally not help as there is no adobe reader on the DC.

So be aware, this cost me way too much effort for a simple shortcut! I should have walked to the user and given him a thumb drive with the shortcut on it (just kidding, that’s even more effort).



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