We sometimes encouter crashing of the management interface (https://TheIPOfYourUTM:4444) of Astaro ASG Sophos UTM. This is easily fixed by rebooting the UTM, but you probably have UTM to run some kind of firewall service and internet gateway service and you want to minimize your reboots. Here’s a way to fix this without a reboot:

Login to the console or with a SSH session to the UTM and run the following command:
sudo /etc/rc.d/httpd restart

This can be done without downtime of any of the services the UTM is running and only restarts the management interface.

What the source can be of the crashing management interface? Well, frankly we don’t really know. It doesn’t happen very often, and mostly in the early stages of first configuring a UTM. In the earlier versions we saw this would happen more frequently with Internet Explorer and on a (unsupported) installation of UTM on Hyper-v. Due to the better response of the UTM management interface, we recommend you use Firefox to manage UTM and find the management quite stable.


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