While running the Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer I got the following error

Attempting to ping the MAPI Mail Store endpoint with identity: 634e9b74-58c7-4b87-aea8-8acbf56858a4@domain.nl:6001.
The attempt to ping the endpoint failed.
Additional Details
An RPC error was thrown by the RPC Runtime process. Error 1818 CallCancelled
Elapsed Time: 33169 ms.

I found a similar thread here which mentions the cause and solution, but i want to elaborate some more so that you can fix it yourself if the thread is not clear enough for you. The Problem exists here if you created your Exchange LB while using the Kemp Templates (you need to login to download/access them), it created this content rule;
You can safely delete this, because the root redirection to owa is already in place in the SubVS;
Kemp_contentrules2 Kemp_contentrules1After that the RCA should run without errors, i would recommend to test the redirection of OWA after that.
For reference, this problem existed on;
– Kemp Free, VLM5000 (in trial mode) and VLM200.  version 7.1-30-75.20150929-3018 and 7.1-26
– Service templates version 1.9 and 1.7.122
– Exchange 2013 with CU2/CU4/CU10 and Exchange 2016

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