TS Easy print has worked well for us since Windows 2008 TS, but today I ran into an issue with RDS Easy print with some HP printers. The client machines have all the known requirement (like .NET 3.0sp1 or higher) and Microsoft Updates installed. Even though the printer is visible in the remote desktop session and local settings are visible, the print job appears to just disappear and never arrives on the client.

Printing locally on the client works, and printing to the redirected XPS writer (the one from the client machine, not the XPS writer on the Terminal server) works fine. This is good to know, because this proves RDS Easy print is working.

It appears that HP has made some changes in a couple of printer drivers that break XPS printing used by RDS Easy print. HP released several special updates for some models, after installing the XPS driver update for the specific model, easy print works again.

For example, the P1102w laser jet has this problem, the update can be found here:


We have encountered other models which had the same issue. For all those models an update for the XPS driver could be found on the HP drivers download section on their website.

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  1. Tony Mongiello

    I am having this exact problem with the exact printer but on Windows 2012 Server RDS. The link you provided doesn’t go to an update. Can you point me in the direction of the update for that printer/driver? Please and thank you!



  2. Eric Verdurmen

    ok, they changed the download page,

    go to http://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers
    search for model number, OS Windows 7 and under basic drivers, you can find the downloads of the drivers with host based driver integrated.

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