As a followup on my post about virtualization of the GPU in RDS/VDI, there was the following in the nVidia newsletter;

In the latest release of XenDesktop 7, which released on June 26th, 2013:

  • HDX 3DPro users who are accessing a virtual desktop with NVIDIA GPUs can now access more than two monitors.
  • NVIDIA GPU Support (for OpenGL and DirectX 10 & 11) is now enabled natively for XenDesktop 7 RDS Workloads.
  • (note: For customers using previous versions of XenApp, there is a new Feature Pack 2 for XenApp 6.5 that enables GPU Sharing (for OpenGL and DirectX)).
  • Citrix also added new HDX Touch capabilities to translate mulit-touch gestures on tablets & smartphones making it easier to access Windows applications on a mobile device.

Still no word of GPU sharing in VMware or Hyper-v.

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