I did some testing with Windows 8 Consumer Preview and our 2008 R2 Web
Access site and found that the icons were not displayed correctly:


However, if you use IE10 Compatibility view, the icons are displayed correctly:


As i think this is a beta-kind of issue, so i posted this in the tech forum and it seems they picked up the issue, but sadly this was not fixed in Windows 8 Release Preview. I hope this will be picked up in the RTM version though..

Update: I’m afraid this issue occurs also in the Windows 8 RTM version, even with all the available updates installed (7th January 2013).

Update 2: someone (anonymous) gave me a great link in the comment of this blog how to fix this on the serverside. I think it’s good enough to include this in the post itself! thank you anon! Here’s the link: http://ares.gobien.be:8080/2013/05/rdweb-shows-no-icons-with-internet-explorer-10-tsweb-server-side-fix/

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