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  • Clear view on ICT

    Clear view on ICT

  • Clear view on ICT

    Clear view on ICT

Full guarantees and more

Your entire business management structure depends on ICT. Downtime of your ICT infrastructure directly affects the work of dozens to hundreds of employees and can lead to higher costs than necessary. Smooth and reliable functioning of your complete ICT infrastructure is therefore essential in your organisation. 

360ICT provides guarantees in the shape of reliable Service Level Agreements which describe exactly which agreements we comply to and what the consequences are if we fail to meet these agreements. We pride ourselves on being just as approachable, solution-oriented and reliable as a local ICT company for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

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Our strenght

  • Transparent and objective SLAs
  • System manager on location
  • Official partner of quality brands
  • Specialised in complex networks
  • Our own datacenter
  • ISO certified



Do you want to make your software available online for your clients, but not be bothered with the technique involved? Then choose application hosting by 360ICT. Renowned software developers have already experienced the advantages.
This way you make sure that your end users always have access to an application that is fast, secure, stable and always available

Our hosting includes:

systeembeheerSystem Management

Putting the heart of your organisation into the hands of an outsider. That requires trust and firm agreements, but especially good collaboration. 360ICT offers it all. We can manage your entire infrastructure, from servers to networks, to the individual workplaces and peripheral equipment.

We manage the ICT of:

  • SURFmarket (onderwijs)
  • OmgevingsDienst Brabant Noord (overheid)
  • Convenient (MKB corporate)

cloud dienstenCloud services

Being able to work anywhere and always have access to programmes and files,,that is working in the 21st century. 360ICT provides various types of cloud services with the highest level of security. We only use our own servers and can thus guarantee stability, security and a very high uptime.

We manage the cloud of:

  • OmgevingsDienst Brabant Noord (overheid)

wegwijzerOur way of working

We at 360ICT always work slightly different. All our employees work 100% of their time at the client’s location. This way, they acquire detailed knowledge of your ICT needs and can respond quickly if necessary.

Have you hired a part-time employee? Then he or she works on other tasks as well, but will still be available immediately if necessary. This way, you will be provided with the very best and fastest service at relatively low cost.

manier van werken

Latest News

Cloud services

Working in the cloud is the trend in ICT at the moment and naturally 360ICT also delivers these services. With our own servers we can provide maximum control with regard to security and stability. Your data and applications are safe with us. We will even guarantee this by means of our SLAs and various certifications.

Still, the cloud is not always the best solution. The advantages are obvious, but there is an equal amount of reasons to work locally. 360ICT duly realises this and therefore we are always willing to discuss with you whether or not you should opt for a cloud solution.

Especially topics like security and privacy deserve careful attention. With 360ICT as your adviser, you can make a well-informed decision about what you want to store in the cloud and what you want to keep locally. This often results in a hybrid solution; a combination of cloud services and local ICT.

Such a solution needs someone who takes on the responsibility and who coordinates everything. Because you and your colleagues should be able to continue work as efficiently and flexibly as possible of course, regardless whether you work in the cloud or locally. 360ICT takes on this coordinating role and also takes care of the implementation and the maintenance of your ICT setup. 

Clear view on ICT